The silent room

Mix elle and lui, as in French mean she and he, and you get ELLUI. A name dropped after a summer adventure in Paris 2012.

Later on, in April 2015, a team of hair sisters came together and made the first steps working for the ELLUI brand.

Located in the heart of SoFo @ Södermalm in Stockholm you find our first hairspot at Södermannagatan 42. Or as we say, our livingroom!

In September 2021 we proudly opened up the doors to our second home ELLUI Norrmalm at Roslagsgatan 19 in Stockholm. Our place is surrounded by trends, luxury and and open mind. ​ When we opened up in April 2015 we had one goal in mind to make ourselfs feel like “coming home” every day going to work.

And that’s a feeling we like to share with all of you. Within our walls we share our knowledge and happiness, and we want you all to come or not only the best of hairs, but also to enjoy your luxury time at it’s fullest.

Trust between client and stylist is our main focus and we want to give the best of experience as a salon. Visit our Instagram @elluisalon where we daily share trending inspo, hair love and good vibes!